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Art4us Group Exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia


A renowned Gamrekeli Gallery, in Tbilisi, Georgia presents works of members of Art4us International Artists Group, in which five artists explore their chosen themes.

Exhibition Dates:

22 - 28 October 2023

Opening Event - 24 October 6pm - 9pm

Closing Event - 28 October 2pm - 5pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Anna Steinhouse and ‘The First Element’

Anna Steinhouse presents series of paintings called ‘The First Element’. These are self-portraits of the artist in and around water. They were completed between years 2020-2023 and focus on connection and immersion in nature, where author seems to find her inner peace. Water, as the first and vital element is also a source of energy and emotion, as shown in her latest painting ‘Immersion’.


14 Pavle Ingorokva Street,

Tbilisi, Georgia

Open daily 12pm-7pm


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