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If you are interested in commissioning a work, please get in touch via "Contact' button above. I prefer to paint from the photo, rather than from life. 

Here is some information about the commissioning process, which you may find useful:

Stage 1 - Meeting

I believe that I need to get to know the client, so ideally, I would like to meet face to face or, if not practical, via Zoom. During the first meeting we will discuss the requirements for me to get an idea of the tone of the picture, size, composition, space where it will be hanging and so on. Having got to know the sitter a bit helps me both with the design and execution of the painting.​

Stage 2 - First Sitting

After the initial meeting I usually have an idea of the composition and at this stage I take some test photos, where I try various compositions and lighting, exploring possible routes to final composition. This would normally take around an hour. 

Afterwards, I review photos and look for improvements that can be made in lighting, colour and composition.

Stage 3 - Final photo shoot 

At this stage a have a clear idea of the composition and I take numerous images to get that one great shot to paint from. This can mean taking a few hundred images.

This would normally take around an hour. 

Stage 4 - Painting

I choose the photo and, if asked, consult with the client on this choice. If that's the case, once the image is approved I then paint the picture. Timings would be discussed and agreed in advance. Depending on the size, the execution of the painting may take any number of weeks to paint.

Framing : is not included but I'm happy to offer advice on this .

Pricing: if you email me via the contact link at the top I can send you my price list.

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