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Anna Steinhouse-Kandelaki

Anna Steinhouse-Kandelaki is a London based figurative artist born in Georgia. Anna's passion lies in portraiture where she focuses on individual life stories capturing her interpretation through careful consideration of colour, composition and themes. Anna also paints landscapes and compositions with a figure in space creating visibly emotive and thought provoking narratives. 

Anna studied at the Art Academy in London. Her commissioned works are in private collections in the UK, Europe, America, Georgia and Middle East. 



15 - 26 November 2023 ‘Abor Vitae’, group exhibition, Casermetta San Regolo, Lucca

9 - 14 November 2023 ‘Vivere in Blu’, group exhibition, Chiesa Santa Caterina, Lucca 

October 2023  ' AS and The First Element' part of Art4Us group exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia

2023 'Reflections' group exhibition, London

2023- 'Calm' selected for Biennale, Eztremoz, Alentejo, Portugal

2023- 'Magic Touch' at Scents of It all, group exhibition, Washington, US

2022- Primrose Hill Art Trail

2019- 'Reflections', Solo Exhibition, Georgia

2018- 'Sisters and Friends', group exhibition, London

2018- 'Diverse Portraits: A Collective', group show, London

2018- 'Floating' The Royal Society of Portrait Artists, annual exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2017-  ‘Home away from Home' Solo Exhibition, Embassy of Georgia, London

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