The Winners of Childrens' Art Competition of Anna Steinhouse Award

THE WINNERS OF WEEKS 4 & 5 of #AnnaSteinhouseAward

for age groups #AS_AtHomePrize_5_12 and #AS_AtHomePrize_13_17 themed 'At Home"

Good morning all!

I would like to wholeheartedly thank you all who took their time and effort to submit their artwork for Childrens' Art Competition. 

It was heartwarming to receive your work, to read your stories and to see such a varied interpretation of the theme. The judges were impressed with the quality and variety of artwork in both age groups.

Thank you to @stib_ltd. Because of your generosity,1st Prize winners in each group will additionally receive a beautiful box of coloured pencils.

Thank you to @cassart1984 for your support with Social media.

A big THANK YOU goes to parents, who encouraged children to participate. Thank you also to all who shared the information about the completion.

Each time It is a challenge to select a winner amongst all those impressive entries. 

However, after three days of deliberation, as promised, the panel is now ready to announce the following winners:

Age group 5-12:

1st Prize: Tommy (9 years old) @evasartclub with his Home Baking theme

2nd Prize: William (12 years old) @sallywardart with his portrait of his granddad

3rd Prize: Lupa Lam (7 years old) @supa.lupa

There were quite a few artworks that caught attention of the judges. Here are some to name a few:

Charlotte's (11) painting of 'Family watching TV' @evasartclub

Anna's 'Ideal dollhouse' @restul_e_tacere

Arina's (9) work @gentle.clar_art

Alexia's (5) 'Stay at home' @lexilicious_treats

Owen's (6) work

Lucas' (6) 'My Kitchen'

Olive Arthur's (8) work @olive_arthur_7

Fiona's (9) work @artwithfiona

Alice's (11) work @mcguigauri

Age group 13-17:

1st Prize- Amber Van Der Berg @arty_randomb (16 years old) with her work '{Bored} At Home'

2nd Prize: Blythe Thompson's (15) work @cheryltimetocraft

3rd Prize: Lara's (14) Portrait of Morgan Freeman @Emma.may.5832

There were quite a few artworks that caught attention of the judges. Here are some to name a few:

Cliona Campbell's (15) Portrait of Michael Jordan @clionasart

Holly Hinchliffe's (17) Three Cats

Emily's (13) work @e_haddow

Millie Mudd's (13) work @miggie101006

Max Cooper's (15) work @maxcooperartist

Karina's (14) work @karo.mkh_

Yulia (14) work @_p.i.t.e.r.s.k.a.y.a._

Nastya's (16) work @ctacya03

Eva's (13) work @chelseyroberts

I am sure you will all join me in congratulating the winners!

The next competition will be a Photography Competition in July. We will be announcing the details shortly, so keep tuned in.

Finally, I would like to thank all the judges for giving their time for this. Thank you to

Robin-Lee Hall Instagram @robinleehallartist

Paul Benney Instagram:@paulbenneystudios

Anna Steinhouse Instagram: @anna.steinhouse

Lucille Dweck Instagram: @LucilleDweck

Nelson Ferreira Instagram: @nelsonferreiravisualartist

Ali Clifford Instagram: @incredibusy

Jim Parkyn Instagram: @jimparkyn

Ron Best ronbest.comInstagram: @ronaldonealbest

Anna x

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