My Online Gym 


My name is Anna Steinhouse. I was born with a heart condition. When I was young, because of medical misconceptions at that time, I was prohibited from doing any sort of physical exercise. After my open-heart surgery at the age of 14, I wanted to get strong. After a period of recovery, I discovered a passion for training. I started to gradually build up my strength and my passion for fitness training grew.  I also got into Exercise Anatomy to understand which movements worked which muscle groups and how to achieve my desired goals most efficiently and injury free. 


Now, in my late 40s, with almost 30 years of fitness training experience, while I am going through gradual changes, I keep modifying my routines to fit my energy levels and my goals. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can also benefit from it. With my Online Gym you have the flexibility to be in charge of your own fitness. With my help, you can pick a routine that suits you and train at your own convenience. If in the past you found training to be a challenge, or are a beginner, you don’t have to be put off. You can do it, gradually building up your strength and fitness. Let’s Start and Keep Moving! 


Whether you are interested in toning specific parts of your body for aesthetic reasons, building strength where it is lacking, increasing fitness and good health or improving your flexibility, my gym format will allow you to achieve the desired results.


My demonstrations are organised into three levels of intensity:  Beginners, Intermediary and Advanced to meet demands of all levels of fitness. in each exercise I indicate:

1. Level of Intensity 

2. Target Muscles that are working 

3. Exercise Description

4. Correct Breathing rhythm and 

5. Dos and Don’ts. 


To get most out of my exercises, you should follow a few pointers: 


1. Quality over Quantity. During exercises remember to keep a good form. I will be guiding you through a correct execution and will be calling out common errors and ‘Do not’s. When the lactic acid builds during exercise and we feel a burn, there can be a tendency to shorten a range a motion or alter a form. If this happens, rest for a few seconds and then restart, rather than being tempted to just complete the set. Remember to follow exercises at your own pace! 

2. Consistency- Consistency is a must. Make sure that you find sufficient ‘me’ time to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. If you do not have a whole hour to spare, do your best to find some time. 15-30 mins would do. It is better to do some than none at all. But always use Exercise Sandwich principle (see next point). 

3. Exercise Sandwich- In order to increase overall fitness and good health and remain injury free, we need to have strong muscles and also to be flexible. Therefore, warming up and stretching are vital part of my exercises. The correct order of any workout is: Warmup, Circuit training and then Stretching. 

 4. Balanced Diet- If you are serious about your fitness, it is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Eating good quality food that is largely unprocessed and close to its natural state will speed up your progress. It is necessary to have a healthy intake of carbs, fats and protein. I write more about it in my blog- ‘Exercise and Balanced Diet.

5. Hydration- Finally, always remember to hydrate. As you know, every system of our body depends on water. You need at least 2 litres each day. Even mild dehydration can make you tired and lethargic. 

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